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Respect , Perseverance and Opportunities for Success

Reporting to Parents

The reporting process includes:

  • TERM ONE: Parent Information Night
  • TERM TWO: Parent-Student-Teacher 3-way Conferences and summative Report
  • TERM THREE: Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences at parents request
  • TERM FOUR: Summative Report


Teachers use a variety of assessment and reporting strategies with their students throughout the year. These include standardised spelling, maths and comprehension tests. Teachers may also listen to and test students reading on a regular basis. Students in years 3,5,7 take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy at the beginning of Term 2 and results are sent home towards the end of Term 3.




In general, children progress through school with children of their own age and social development.

A wide range of ability levels is found in all class groups. Due to the size of our school all classes have combined year levels, usually with two-year levels in a class.

Placement in class groups, taking account of each child’s learning needs, is made in consultation with parents, teachers and the principal.